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Gear Talk: What’s in the Exposure Bags

 Peter Our gear depends on the nature of the job or the location of the shoot but this is pretty much the default gear we’d take on a normal shoot: 1. Peter’s 5D MkIII plus lenses – 28mm, 50mm, 100mm and 70-200mm 2. Geraldine’s 6D plus 24-105mm lens 3. Video tripod – EIMAGE A-7402A 4. Camera…

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Exposure meets NoyNoy

If someone had told us that we’d be visiting the President of the Philippines and recording a video interview for the Economist 6 months ago we would have laughed in their face. It just goes to show what’s possible and with a little luck (thanks DJ Clark) and hard work anything can happen. It was…

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Good Friday Crucifixions

Holy Week for me meant I get to stay home for 4 days and not work and sloth around eating, sleeping late and doing nothing. Sometimes we would go to the beach with the family but it’s usually hot time of the month. I remember when coming home to Dagupan from Manila, we’d see penitents…

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Katipunan Craft Ales Video

It’s has been a busy few weeks for Exposure, we haven’t had time to blog about the amazing experience we had making a short video for Katipunan Craft Ales who in our opinion brew the best beer in the Philippines. The video tells the story of Katipunan craft ales how they started, where they are…

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Behind the Scenes: Art of Batok

For our first assignment we travelled to the Cordillera mountains to tell the story of Whang Od, a 95-year old traditional Kalinga tattoo artist. We produced a video story for Assignment Asia, a new program by CCTV focusing on stories from across Asia. Whang Od is possibly the “last” artist who practices the art of…

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Goodbye Beijing, Hello Manila!

Goodbye Beijing As I type this on the airplane, I feel a mix of emotions. Beijing has been home for Geraldine and I for the past four and a half years and it’s with a little sadness that we bid farewell. I first came to Beijing, back in 2005, to travel whilst I was living…

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