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Steadicam Workshop Manila

On the weekend we were lucky enough to attend a Steadicam workshop here in Manila. The workshop was put together by Big Brother Manila the official distributors of Steadicam and Red Cameras in the Philippines and M2 Studio a photography studio based in Makati. The workshop was great fun and presented by JR an experience Steadicam…

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Gear Talk: What’s in the Exposure Bags

 Peter Our gear depends on the nature of the job or the location of the shoot but this is pretty much the default gear we’d take on a normal shoot: 1. Peter’s 5D MkIII plus lenses – 28mm, 50mm, 100mm and 70-200mm 2. Geraldine’s 6D plus 24-105mm lens 3. Video tripod – EIMAGE A-7402A 4. Camera…

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