The Creative Corner, Episode 6: Joe Buffalo a tale of oppression, Indigenous People and skateboarding

We’re back after a little hiatus here’s this week’s Episode of Creative Corner Series, where we showcase the best visual content on the web. This week we’re featuring a short hybrid documentary titled “Joe Buffalo,” executive produced by Tony Hawk and distributed by The New Yorker. This documentary explores the life of a Cree skateboarding legend who grapples with the trauma of Canada’s residential schools.

“Joe Buffalo” tells the story of Joe Buffalo, a Samson Cree Nation skateboarder who has achieved legendary status in the skateboarding world. He was born and raised in Canada and grew up in the shadow of the country’s residential schools. These schools were established by the Canadian government to assimilate Indigenous children into mainstream society. The schools were notorious for their harsh treatment of Indigenous children and the trauma that resulted from their experiences there.

The documentary opens with Joe Buffalo skating through the streets of his hometown, explaining his love for skateboarding and the way it has allowed him to escape the trauma of his childhood. He talks about how skateboarding has given him a sense of purpose and a way to express himself creatively.

As the documentary progresses, we see Joe Buffalo grappling with the trauma of his past. He speaks candidly about the abuse he and his family suffered at the hands of his teachers and the struggles he has faced as an Indigenous person in Canada. He also talks about the impact that residential schools have had on his family and community.

The documentary is a beautiful blend of stunning visuals, heartfelt storytelling, and powerful themes. The cinematography is breathtaking, showcasing the beauty of Canada’s landscape and the gritty, urban environments where Joe Buffalo skates..

Executive produced by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, “Joe Buffalo” is a must-watch for anyone interested in skateboarding, Indigenous culture, or the ongoing legacy of colonialism in North America. It’s a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength of Indigenous people, and the role that skateboarding can play in healing trauma and promoting creativity.

In conclusion, “Joe Buffalo” is a short hybrid documentary that packs a powerful punch. It tells the story of a remarkable individual and shines a light on the ongoing struggles faced by Indigenous people in Canada. The documentary is a testament to the power of skateboarding as a tool for self-expression and healing, and it’s a must-watch for anyone interested in visual storytelling that explores important themes and issues.

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