The Creative Corner: Episode 4, How to use AI in your video production

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently you’ve been reading about and probably experimenting with ai tools such as chat gpt,  dall·e 2 -, midjourney, stable diffusion etc

Well this week in creative corner we share a fantastic tutorial from the great epic light media channel, which shows how you can use AI generated backdrops as part of your film or video production project.

We’ve already see how multi million dollar productions such as The Mandalorian are using digital backdrops using large led screens. This is a similar idea but on a much smaller scale and budget and you could actually argue this is more versatile as the only limitation is your imagination as to what you enter into the AI imager generator.

Here’s a great tutorial and two examples from one of our favourite YouTube channels epic light media of how a production company can use an AI generated backdrop in a scene.

Hopefully this will help or give you some inspiration and ideas to experiment with AI in your next video production.

Posted on March 6, 2023 in Inspiration, The Creative Corner, Tools, Video

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