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Coffee Beds in Benguet

Coffee is something that I had taken for granted until I first visited a coffee farm back in the summer. It was on that trip interviewing and speaking to coffee farmers that made me realize just how hard it was for farmers. People sitting in Starbucks or other fancy coffee corporate chains don’t think about…

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How To A Light Beer Bottle/Product Photography

   Geraldine I love watching Behind the Scenes (BTS) videos, especially in the making of a photo or video, what goes on making the shot and how the photographer/cinematographer thinks. This is also a way of learning new ideas from others. In this Fstoppers Youtube Video, they teach you how to light a beer bottle…

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Making of Pizza

 Geraldine We shot and produced a “making of” pizza. It took us 2 separate days of half-day shooting, and a little bit of bickering. Taking photos of our cooking is hard as it is, but shooting a video is harder, as not everything can be done in one take. Personally, I love eating pizza. But…

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Making Vietnamese Coffee

One Sunday, we decided to shoot the making of Vietnamese coffee. By the end of the day, we’ve made about 4-5 cups of Vietnamese coffee and drank almost all of it and Geraldine’s heart thumping and hands shaking. We had a little video editing competition between us, to see how the other’s creativity translates in…

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Kalsada, Coffee Memories and Mountains

I have to thank my Dad for getting me to appreciate coffee. Actually my parents are pretty much responsible for my huge appetite and love of food. I was fortunate enough that my parents loved to travel with us kids. I’m pretty sure that’s where my love affair of food started. I can remember our…

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