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We shot and produced a “making of” pizza. It took us 2 separate days of half-day shooting, and a little bit of bickering. Taking photos of our cooking is hard as it is, but shooting a video is harder, as not everything can be done in one take.

Personally, I love eating pizza. But making pizza, it’s another thing; the kneading, the preparing and the waiting (I am very impatient) is a bit too much for me. Thankfully, there’s Peter to do it all, I just shoot and help wash things up. I just wish the oven is a bit farther away in the kitchen so there’s more ventilation and we that we don’t sweat as much.

But I do love picking and assembling the toppings, and finally, the lovely crunch to that crust with your mouth exploding in savoury flavours.

We do maintain a cooking blog, so head on over to Cannot Cook and there you’ll see the recipes we’ve cooked over the years.

Making Pizza from Exposure Media Productions on Vimeo.

Thanks to Jamie Oliver for the pizza dough recipe and the tomato sauce recipe (which is also good for pasta).

Recipe on our Cannot Cook blog.

Posted on October 9, 2014 in Food and Drink, Video

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