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The Creative Corner: Episode 3, Patagonia Branded Content

Welcome back to the Creative Corner! this week we take a look at “Branded Content” and how to do it right. Almost every video production company at some point has been asked to create a video or branded content for a company.  Some brands have realised that hard-selling their products is not the only way…

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Drone Videography in Philippines

It’s been a while but I thought I’d write down a few thoughts and share some of the aerial video we’ve shot here in the Philippines and a few other locations in Manila. It’s been just over a year since we purchased our first drone and started experimenting with aerial video and photography in the…

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A quick video of Geraldine’s trip to California. Lovely laid-back vibe and wonderfully chill summer.

Cliff Diving, Siquijor

We took time off and headed to Dumaguete > Siquijor end of June to wind down after a long month of shooting. Summer was over but the weather was lovely as it wasn’t too hot and sometimes it’d rain in the afternoons, but we get full sunshine in the mornings. I’ve actually preferred going off-season…

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Inspiration and Tools for Start Ups

 Peter Having set up a startup, a video production company, here in the Philippines I’m always looking for tools, advice, anything that can help me make our business better. In a world where we are bombarded by information on a daily basis it’s really difficult to try and sort the wheat from the chaff. So I’ve…

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Travel: Malmesbury Abbey, England

   Geraldine It’s a little known fact that besides cemeteries, I have a somewhat mini fixation on castles. This probably stemming from watching too much Downton Abbey! Though I prefer the deafening silence and peaceful feeling in the bottom of my gut and heart whenever I visit a cemetery by myself. Weird? Yes. So next…

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