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I have a thing for castles (next to cemeteries), not because they are featured in fairy tales and being swept off my feet by a handsome prince, but more of the gothic feel and the history behind each room and tower.

Wales is sometimes known to be the “castle capital of the world”, so lucky am I to have married a Welshman!

We’ve been to several castles before, Cardiff Castle, Ogmore Castle, St. Quintin’s Castle, Caerphilly Castle and now just recently, Castell Coch.

This is the castle that I’ve been seeing so many times on the highway; it sits majestically on the edge of a hill whenever we’d be driving on the M4.

As it’s winter, there’s not much queue and crowds. I was so impressed when they gave us audio guides without charge!

Tickets are 5.50£/adult.

Here’s a little 1-minute video that I made to summarise our trip:

Some more photos. I find it hard to shoot photo and video at the same time. It takes a lot of patience, shooting and re-shooting. Even harder if your fingers are freezing from the cold temps.

I used my trusty Canon 6D and 24-105 lens.

Castell Coch-6694

Castell Coch from the inside.


Castell Coch-

Drawing Room

A superb fireplace by Thomas Nicholls features the Three Fates, spinning, measuring and cutting the thread of life.

Ceiling details in drawing room.

Ceiling details in drawing room.


Castell Coch-6604

Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos – the three fates from Greek mythology, in Castell Coch.


Castell Coch-6595

Dining Room (It may seem Peter’s on the phone, but he’s actually listening to the audio guide).


Castell Coch--2

Lord Bute’s modest bedroom



Castell Coch-6621

Lord Bute’s toilet. At least there won’t be cold butt cheeks in the middle of the night.


Castell Coch-6637

Lady Bute’s East Asian-inspired bedroom.

How romantic is it to sleep in this bedroom, though that bed looks stiff. And how’s the heating?

Castell Coch-6638

The towers on both sides of the sink hold hot and cold tap water respectively. The sink swivels downwards to empty water.

Castell Coch-6680

The bedroom of the Marquess’s daughter, where it is also used to quarantine sick members of the family

There are no guest rooms in this castle, so the Lord and Lady did not spend much time in Castell Coch, but more as a summer getaway castle to relax.

Castell Coch-6672



Castell Coch-6719

Dungeon. Damp and dark.


Castell Coch-6745

A nice little walk in the woods, outside Castell Coch

Highly recommended to visit if you’re around the area. It’s smaller than Cardiff Castle but nevertheless interesting history behind it.

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