Poverty Child UK

Project Description

Filming and editing: Exposure Media Production

Filmed in Payatas, Manila with Fairplay for All Foundation

Imagine that the moment you learn to walk your future has already been decided. Your chance of having access to education is taken away. Your dream job will only ever be a dream. Life expectancy is just 55 years. And that those years will be spent going through rubbish, everyday, just to buy enough food to provide for you and your family.

This is how half a million people in Payatas, one of the largest slum dumping sites in the Philippines, live their lives. Every. Single. Day. No access to education. No access to healthcare. No guarantee of food. A lucky few escape this lifestyle but, for most, this is their routine from a young age until the day they die.

Ronalyn’s life would have been the same had it not been for the help she received. This is her story.

You can change the life of a child like Ronalyn – find out how at https://povertychild.org/standup/

Project Details

Client: Poverty Child UK

Tags: Documentary, NGO, Philippines, Video, Web

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