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A quick video of Geraldine’s trip to California. Lovely laid-back vibe and wonderfully chill summer.

UDDO Bamboo Sunglasses

If only all our shoots were this fun. We had a blast making this short branding video for UDDO a bamboo sunglasses company based here in the Philippines. We love their sunglasses and more important their ideals encouraging people to get out of the city, travel and explore nature. Hence their tagline, “Walk with Nature.”…

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Cutting Edge x Bantayan Back to Sea

   Geraldine It all started 2 years ago, a day after our wedding, when the Carney clan and some UK friends on a whim decided to go to Bantayan island to celebrate New Years. We booked a flight for the next day without expecting as much. We knew that Typhoon Yolanda had hit the area but…

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Inspiration and Tools for Start Ups

 Peter Having set up a startup, a video production company, here in the Philippines I’m always looking for tools, advice, anything that can help me make our business better. In a world where we are bombarded by information on a daily basis it’s really difficult to try and sort the wheat from the chaff. So I’ve…

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Travel: Malmesbury Abbey, England

   Geraldine It’s a little known fact that besides cemeteries, I have a somewhat mini fixation on castles. This probably stemming from watching too much Downton Abbey! Though I prefer the deafening silence and peaceful feeling in the bottom of my gut and heart whenever I visit a cemetery by myself. Weird? Yes. So next…

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Scary Science

 Peter I used to be a scientist back in the day getting a Masters Degree in Pharmacology and was very close to studying for a PhD at the University Of Bath. I think science is vital in developing new technologies and tools to progress society. I also believe that science is also manipulated and not…

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Film Friday: Through the Ground Glass

   Peter I love this short video about a large format photographer Joe Allen Freeman by Hawk Bolt Productions. Through the Ground Glass from Taylor Hawkins on Vimeo. I didn’t always work in video in fact I start my career as a photographer when I helped set up a music and lifestyle magazine in Seoul South Korea.…

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Trafigura Foundation

 Geraldine Our project with Trafigura Foundation has been under wraps since early June, but we are glad to finally feature the videos we’ve shot and edited. Though we still have another project underway, the first two videos are ready to publish. Trafigura Foundation sponsors partner organisations around the world in carrying out and strengthening programmes…

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Viva Manila!

We’ve been frequenting Manila more often since our move this year. One reason is that Peter’s VISA needed to be processed at Bureau of Immigration in Magallanes Drive, Manila. We love the atmosphere in Intramuros and we love walking around the walled city. So when we had the chance to shoot for Viva Manila for…

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Kalsada, Coffee Memories and Mountains

I have to thank my Dad for getting me to appreciate coffee. Actually my parents are pretty much responsible for my huge appetite and love of food. I was fortunate enough that my parents loved to travel with us kids. I’m pretty sure that’s where my love affair of food started. I can remember our…

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