A Week in Videos: Episode 2

A week in videos: Episode 2 by Exposure Media Production

It’s Friday and that means another episode of the best videos that have been played in the Exposure office this week. This week we’ve got 16 year old surfers, recovering alcoholics, a motorcycle owning Mom, the late Leonard Knight, forest workers in BC, and a man who walks a cabbage in China. Scroll down to watch the videos.

Saturday 12th July

A man who walked his cabbage by Jonah Kessel for NYT video If you want to find out a little more about the video. Jonah has an excellent blog post about the video and using a Canon C100 as a video journalist. 

Sunday 13th July

For more videos by Cinefix check out their youtube channel

Monday 14h July

Video by the talented team at Wyatt Visuals

Tuesday 15th July

A touching video about the late Leonard Knight by Ben Stoddard and Dave Ehrenreich of Just Dont Sleep Productions

Wednesday 16th July

One of the most original videos I’ve seen in a while by Douglas Gautraud Thursday 17th July

Thursday 17th July

I made a little mistake here. Sober isn’t actually a Vimeo staff pick but in my mind it should be! Video by Gareth Bowler

Friday 18th July

Video by one favourite underwater photographers Morgan Maassen A stunning video showcasing the talents of Frankie Harrer just 16 years old ripping at Teahupoo.

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